Monday, October 18, 2010

8th Grade Self Portraits

This is some more stuff from my first year of teaching. I was given full classes of kids who never had art and some who had more experience. I was frustrated that they would not seperate them into (Art I, Art II) classes so I separated my students within my classroom. These are some of the advanced kids work.  Also, I was given NO art budget and was pretty broke and could not afford to buy charcoal and prisma color pencils supplies for all 150 kids I had that semester, so only the advanced art kids got to use it. (I'm so unfair-I know!) Please excuse the glare on the photos, I wrapped them in polyester before I took them.

*The last three are from a brilliantly talented student I had. He was always way ahead of the rest of his classmates so I would assign him extra work, which he happily accepted. He also did a lot of work at home. On the gridded self portrait he did, I told him he had to shade in each square with a different value but was not allowed to have two squares next to each other that were the same value. The last one is in the style of Andy Warhol, with prisma color pencils. He did an excellent job on all his projects.
Great kid, polite, smart, and eager to learn. Every once in a while I get an email from him asking to critique an artwork or how to get dried oil paint out of brushes (yikes!) Sometimes I really miss teaching older kids....sometimes.

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