Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Dog on the Playground

This is not art related but it is school related (kinda)...

About a month ago, there was a cute little black dog on the playground. I just happened to pass by since I was on my way to talk to my friend , the technology teacher (shout out megaroni!) Anyway I see this cute jet black dog wandering on the playground. I went out and got her to follow me around the back of the building to my classroom, where I got her some water. Some of the other teachers told me she has been hanging out on the playground looking for kids to play with. They said she usually has a collar. So, instead of letting the other teachers call animal control on her I took her around the neighborhood and left flyers and knocked on doors. I just knew someone was missing this sweet little dog, she looked healthy and well taken care of. I saw some big kids getting off the bus and asked if they knew who she belonged to. They pointed out a house and I went and knocked, no answer. I left a flyer, expecting a call that night. The next day, there was still no call so I took her out of town with me (and my kids) to see my mom for her birthday.
Finally,the next day a woman called describing the dog and told us "Coco" was her teenage son's dog and kept getting out of the yard.  She also explained how her son wasn't taking very good care of her and not paying much attention to her. (I know how I was at that age, friends were top priority.) So I told her that my kids were falling for her and we could keep her.  She said no because she knew her son wanted to keep her.  I told her I would call her when I came back to town to bring her back.  To make a long story short..when we came back she said he son decided that we might be able to give her more time and attention. So she's OUR Coco now! We love her!


  1. Lucky you! I had a similar event several years ago with a kitten, but when I took it home (in pouring rain, with nobody else to help her), my housecat HATED sharing and got downright vicious. So we hastened to find the sweet kitty a home, and it took 2 tries to get it right. About 2 weeks later we got a drunken call from the home where we had left the note, wanting their kitten back (it took 2 weeks?!!!). We informed the woman that it couldn't have been her cat, we were so reluctant to have it in the nasty place it came from. The cat, now named Halo (for being such an angel) has been happily sleeping at the feet of a friend since then, clean, well-fed, and healthy.

  2. That is the most beautiful story ever and really hits a chord with me. I am a DOG LOVER too and it goes to show they find you when the time is right! Coco congratulations on finding your forever family!

  3. Thank you for being a great dog owner:-) Coco seems like a great addition to your family!!!