Sunday, October 17, 2010

Yarn Name Designs

My first year of teaching I came up with this lesson. The kids started with a sheet of paper. I gave them rulers and started out with simple instructions. I told them to draw two straight lines and one curved line. I told them to make sure they "exited"the paper with some lines. Then I told them to add a few more lines of their own choice. I told them they had to incorporate their names somewhere. Then they picked a color scheme and filled in the rest with glue and yarn.


  1. Hi, I thought I'd check you out and sign in as your first follower! Congrats on your new blog, and thanks for visiting (and following) my blog, "There's a Dragon in my Art Room".

    The artwork you've posted here is great - what grade did the project? I tried doing something similar YEARS ago and haven't tried again since, because all I remember is the yarn sticking to everyone's fingers and having so much trouble getting it to stay on the paper. It was a disaster! Do you have any tricks to share that made it more manageable? The results look terrific.

    One blog hint - I had a really hard time reading your text - I don't know if it is the font choice, or that it is bold, but it is kind of clogged (or maybe I need new glasses?). You may want to try some other fonts to see what is most readable.

  2. Thanks! I was so excited to see I had a follower! I did change the font. It wasn't your glasses.(Haha)

    The student work is from my first year of teaching, they were 8th graders. There was really no trick to not getting the glue everywhere. I had them apply one line of glue and lay the yarn on top, instead of a whole glob of glue all over the paper (which is what they were really tempted to do at first). It probably did help that they were older kids, I couldn't imagine doing this with my little kids now.

    Thanks again for following me, your blog is one of my favorites!