Monday, November 8, 2010

Mouse Paint, Pre-K and a close encounter!!! when I had Pre-K, we were reviewing the book Mouse Paint that we read it last week.  We learned about primary colors, and made some marble paintings with the three colors. During the discussion, one of my student says, "A Mouse!" So I am thinking that she is talking about the book. Then they all start screaming and pointing, and sure enough there is a real life mouse running around my room. Needless to say, we all went to the gym and played duck duck goose for the rest of the period! I left all the paint out on the table, but the mouse didn't play in it like in the book.....because of the art teacher.


  1. mice are a lot more fun in books than in real life;)

  2. So, I am thinking you may not want to do any Grouchy Ladybug or The Very busy Spider based lessons.......

  3. Funny! And a bit scary...
    I tell my students I have an Art Mouse that will come out if they are quiet. Needless, to say we've never seen that mouse:-)
    Welcome to my blog:-) Stop by again!