Monday, February 14, 2011

Impromptu Jim Dine Lesson

I had been seeing all of these wonderful Jim Dine lessons on different blogs and I wanted to do one but all of my classes were in the middle of other projects. Then the week before last we missed a whole week because of the snow, and we missed one day last week also. Today it was 70 degrees!! (I live in Texas, where one week you are building snowmen and the next you are wearing shorts and flip flops.)
Anyhoo, all the missed days of school caused our testing to be all mixed up and last Monday morning I found out I would have two third grade classes in one due to the computer lab being used by the testers. Which meant the kids who go to Technology for specials that day would be redirected to me...yay. (We only have one computer lab at my school)
So I am thinking to myself..."There is no way I am going to paint with 34 third graders at one time!"
So I decided to do the Jim Dine lesson! Here are the pictures. I hope to do it again next year and hopefully they will be a little better, but I thought they were pretty cute for a last minute lesson.
Happy Valentine's Day!!

One of my favorites, this boy used to fall asleep in my class last year, this year he is all about art!

I like the heart on the bottom right, it is a heart-bat.

Also, one of my favorites, it looks like an anti-Valentine!

This boy was so upset with his heart, he didn't like it at first and kept begging for a new sheet of paper, I kept telling him he could fix it since we were using oil pastels and could layer over the parts he didn't like. I told him I loved the way he layered the colors. He left art pouting but was happy after I hung it in the hallway.