Saturday, June 11, 2011

Butterfly Mural from Art Projects for Kids

We had quite a few changes in schedules this year at my school (which is the norm). They took many fourth and fifth grade band students out of band for 6 weeks and put them with the regular specials to accommodate their homerooms standardize testing schedules..and many other complicated issues that I do not wish to go into. Anyhow, this left me with 25 + students in my classes...many of whom had not been in art all this year or last year. I know many of you are okay with getting out the expensive watercolors and acrylics for this many students but I am not afraid to say that I AM Especially due to the fact that most of these student didn't spend the first of the year going over procedures and routines in my class. I was looking for a lesson that wasn't too messy and involved materials that could be shared by such a large number of kids. I downloaded this butterfly mural from Art Projects for Kids, we used crayons, and some rubbing plates. The kids had to use warm colors for the butterfly parts and cool colors for the background or vice versa. They were only allowed to use one rubbing plate on one area. At first I let one class color them however they wanted, and they were a mess! They used crazy color combinations and too much texture. So for the next classes I had to set the rules. There were a few who strayed from the guidelines but they still came out okay. Overall I am happy with the results. I had more completed butterflies but only took these two pictures :(


  1. This is really beautiful - inspiring me to do some grid murals with the kids at my art club!