Friday, June 10, 2011

Can't leave comments

I have been trying to comment on blogs but it keeps asking me to sign in despite the fact that I am already signed in. Then it says "Anonymous Says...." but still won't let me leave the comment. Just asks me to sign in again, Anyone else having this problem?


  1. Let's try ... If you can read this I don't have the problem obviously.

    Blogging is nice, when blogger works ...

  2. I had it happen to me yesterday, but today seems OK. One hint: if you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, switch to Mozilla Firefox. It seems to cure blogger problems.

  3. Me again - I'm on my desktop today (usually it's my laptop, where I tend to use Firefox more)and started with Internet Explorer, and had the same comment problem. I switched to Firefox and it was an instant cure. If you don't have it, download Firefox; it will be a significant improvement when doing anything on blogger. Hope this helps!