Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer is here!

Sorry I haven't posted in months, I have been insanely busy. But summer has arrived which means I have time to post some lessons I did in the Spring (better late than never). I saw a similar post on There's a Dragon in my Artroom about coffee filters and they lovely things you can do with them that I have been wanting to blog about them but Phyl beat me to it! Anyhow, I will still do it anyway. Last year (my first with elementary kiddos) the Pre-Kinders (who are Kinders this year) made flowers and butterflies by completely coloring coffee filters and then we spritzed them with a water bottled to get the colors to bleed together. (Lots of ohhs and ahhs from them.) We did the first round on newspaper and when I took them off after they dried I noticed the awesome effect on the newspaper so we did the next round on white paper.

So then I hoarded all of these colorful papers for a whole year, actually I kind of forgot about them...then I saw a project on another blog about bird in a trees (can't remember where-sorry) and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for the Kinders to cut them up and use them for bird parts!

And here is our lovely tree!

...Stay tuned for the Kinder rainsticks using the same coffee filter paper.

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  1. Great minds think alike, no? Sorry I beat you to the punch!!

    I'm currently experimenting with one of the dyed filters and some Mod Podge, draping it over a bowl to try to make something Chihuly-like. We'll see how it turns out. And we've made T-shirts from some of the filters, and others are being made into flowers. We're having a blast with the white paper prints, using Sharpies to create in the interesting white spaces left on the paper. Will post them next week I hope.